Old World vs New World

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Old World vs New World

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Old World vs New World

Old World refers to the traditional European countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Germany, and Hungary. The history of winemaking in Europe dates back to the ancient Roman period (7000 BC), many European wine families that have been passed down for generations still follow the traditional winemaking methods.

New World refers to countries that started producing wine in the 16th century at the earliest, such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, and Argentina. Most of the technology comes from the old world, with the continuous development of technology in the new world, such as using new equipment to ferment and grow grapes. Because of less supervision on the production of wine, therefore each region or country may propose different styles.

Old world style is more traditional, adopting the brewing technology of the original place and complying with strict laws and regulations, and pursuing the local terroir. Due to relatively cold climate, the old world style is more refined, elegant, rich in layers, alcohol concentration is relatively low, but the tannins are relatively thick, and rich mineral flavor.

New World style is not bound by old world regulations and processes. It is easy to see different European grape blends, coupled with stable climate and advanced modern agricultural equipment, the quality of wines will not vary much every year.

Because of relatively warm climate, the grapes are easier to ripen. The style of New World wine is more fruity, thick, unrestrained, and relatively high in alcohol concentration. In order to pursue commercial demands, most of the New World wines can be drunk when they are young, which is different from the old world wines that can be aged for decades.

New world and Old world have their own unique features, so there is no real distinction between high and low, but focus is on personal taste. For example of Chardonnay which is the most common type, Old world generally has high acidity, medium to light body, and emphasizes fresh and fruity aromas, especially citrus flavors, often with rich green apple, lemon, floral, and mineral flavors. New World generally has a richer body and more tropical fruit flavors such as mango and pineapple.

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