What are tannins

  • What are tannins

What are tannins

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Tannin can be found in lots of plants, such as grapes, tea-leaves and fruit peels. During the process of producing red wine, tannin will be released when extracting juice from grapes with its peel. 

You can feel tannin if you are enjoying red wine since tannin reacts with protein which contains in our saliva. After you drank a mouthful of red wine, you may feel dry and rough on your tongue and oral cavity and that’s tannin. Therefore, it matches up with steak as the fat of steak can counteract the dryness and roughness of red wine.

Different grapes and climate have different content of tannin.

High tannin: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Shiraz.

Light tannin: Pinot noir,Gamay.

Describing Tannin

Mature/elegant: tannin’s texture is fine and smooth, it can be sensed and make people cheerful.

Silky/gentle: Tannins are at a appropriate amount which make people comfortable.

Rough: It is slightly bitter and has unpleasant astringency.

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