What is Corked Wine ?

  • What is Corked Wine ?

What is Corked Wine ?

0 Comments Apr 28, 2022

Cork mean the plug in the mouth of a bottle (especially a wine bottle). Corked describes as a wine flavor defect, which means that the wine is infected by a compound called TCA. Bottle of corked wine will have an unpleasant smell such as wet newspaper, basement, mold, etc.

According to research, most of the TCA pollution that occurs in wine is directly caused by contaminated cork. Cork pollution is common during cork production process, including pesticides and other drugs on oak bark, pesticide pollution has now been reduced to a low level, but TCA can also often appear in fermentation equipment , Such as bubbles, other wooden barrels, wooden fermentation tanks. As long as there is chloride in contact with these equipment, the cork will be contaminated. 

In addition, since these conditions are disgusting control, there may be estimates that cork wines now account for about 3% of all wines.

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