What are the ways to decant wine?

There are several ways to decant wine, here are some common methods:

1. Pouring into a glass: Pour the red wine into a glass and let it breathe by coming into contact with air at room temperature.

2. Pouring into a decanter: Decanters are usually wider and can provide a larger surface area for the wine to come into contact with air, which can speed up the decanting process. Pour the red wine into the decanter, let it sit for a while, and then pour it back into the original bottle.

3. Pouring through a wine funnel: Wine funnels are designed to allow the wine to flow out more evenly and come into contact with air more thoroughly. Pour the red wine through the wine funnel, then let it sit for a while to decant.

The decanting time and method should be determined based on the type and quality of the red wine, and should be done at room temperature. In addition, different red wines have different decanting times. Generally, lighter-bodied red wines require a shorter decanting time, while fuller-bodied red wines require a longer decanting time. The best method is to adjust the decanting time according to one's own taste preferences and to experiment with different decanting methods and times to find the most suitable one.

Recently there are many related products of wine decanters on the market. For the time being, most of them are mouth-type wine decanters, but electronic wine decanters have also begun to appear.

The characteristic of the eagle beak type decanter is that it can be directly inserted into the red wine, and the wine can be sobered up when it is poured out. The principle is that when the internal pressure is squeezed out, the air hole above the wine decanter is used to let the red wine achieve the effect of sobering up.