CLUB de Remy Martin Cognac Fine Champagne, 700ml

CLUB de Remy Martin Cognac Fine Champagne, 700ml

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Remy Martin is the No.1 cognac brand in France and is worldwide recognized as the ultimate when it comes to superior quality cognacs. Remy Martin blends 100% of its cognacs from Grande Champagne et Petite Champagne grapes, hence deserving the appellation Fine Champagne Cognac. These two crus impart a specific and unique quality which delivers greater ageing potential and a greater intensity in taste.

Aroma : Notes of grilled almonds are evoked by the toasted Limousin oak barrels, giving forth to warm spicy notes of cinnamon - the result of long ageing.
Taste : Dry fruits intermingle with oaky notes, creating a well-balanced expression of complexity and depth.
Body : Dense texture resulting in a long and intense finish, perfect for pairing with flavorsome foods and fine tea.

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