Chateau Lynch Bages 2015, Pauillac 750ml

Chateau Lynch Bages 2015, Pauillac 750ml

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Located in the village of Pauillac on the left bank of Bordeaux, Chateau Lynch Bages is known as the "Mouton of Plebeian". Although it is ranked as a fifth-class winery, its quality has risen to a high level and is deeply loved by many Bordeaux fans.

The winery occupies ​​about 100 hectares and locate at a piece of land called Batges in Pauillac. Lynch is named after the Irish businessman Thomas Lynch who owned the winery in the 18th century. The soil of Lynch Bages vineyards is gravel, which is conducive to drainage and keeps warm, providing excellent conditions for the growth of grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon is uniquely endowed with unique terroir. Thats the reasons why are difficult to replace.

Lynch Bages prefers to delay the harvest, always picking the grapes at the latest. The noble style revealed in the wine perfectly shows the strength and elegance of Pauillac, and the coexistence of structure and delicacy. Lynch Bages has been mellow and thick from a young age, adding flavor and complexity over time.


Chateau Lynch Bages 2015, Pauillac 750ml

Dark cassis, plum and cherry fruit flavors stream through in this red, harnessed well by bolts of iron along the way. Sweet tobacco detail echoes through the finish, which is seriously long. An extremely rock-solid wine in the making here

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