Tai Wai Beer "All-Inclusive" Combo Set *Special Limited Edition*

Tai Wai Beer "All-Inclusive" Combo Set *Special Limited Edition*

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A series of 4 seasonal tea-infused blonde ales paired with familiar pop songs creatively designed on the colorful and sassy contemporary pop art beer labels.

Beer From Left to the Right:
1. White Peach Oolong Blonde Ale Infused with fresh peach and white peach oolong tea leaves, it is a refreshing yet with complex flavour tea beer that can be enjoyed in all seasons.
2. Tie Guan Yin Blonde Ale With an innovative approach to infuse the high temperature fermented blonde ale with cold brewing Tie Guan Yin tea leaves which results in a light body with citrus aroma and malty flavour. The mellower tea taste stands out and the drinking sensation is softer. It is such a fine craft work that perfectly combines the unique characteristics of tea and beer.
3. Lychee Black Tea Blonde Ale Infused with lychee black tea in different brewing stages with temperature control to keep the tea tannins at a comfortable level, the blonde ale is aromatic with a soft yet complex mouthfeel.

4. LongJing Blonde Ale Infusing the blonde ale with Hangzhou LongJing tea which is characterized with sweet, mellow and rounded tastes and shorter fermentation time. It is a refreshing and light-bodied crisp blonde ale.

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