Bottega Miabi, 750ml (With Box)

Bottega Miabi, 750ml (With Box)

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In 1977, Aldo Bottega, who has more than 30 years of experience in distilling wine, established the Bottega Distillery about 45 kilometers north of Venice. It is one of the most famous Grappa wineries in Italy. There are quite a few brands under this winery, no matter which series it is, they are all based on beauty and delicacy, verifying the national characteristics of Italy full of fashion and style.

The most famous brand of the winery, including the Alexander Grappa series launched in 1987, mainly aimed at young people and women who pay attention to taste. At the same time, it also used hand-blown glass wine bottles for the first time, which further enhanced the value and status of Grappa.

There is also the Bottega series of the same name, and another Prosecco sparkling wine specially designed for parties and trends launched in 1992. The modest price and the dazzling and textured wine label easily capture everyone's attention.


Bottega Miabi - Pinot Nero Spumante Brut

Region: Italy, Grape: Pinot Nero

Elegance, refinement and constant research for quality unite Japan with Italy and are an expression of their respective cultures. BOTTEGA - MIABI is an extreme synthesis that combines the Japanese decorative technique, called “dyed obi”, with an Italian Pinot Noir wine, made sparkling through the long Charmat method, which enhances its complexity and its sensory profile.

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