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根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類。Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

Suntory Haku Vodka 700ml

Suntory Haku Vodka 700ml
Suntory Haku Vodka 700ml
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White (HAKU) vodka is refined with 100% Japanese domestic white rice as raw materials, showing a unique balanced and detailed flavor, perfectly presenting Japanese nature and the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship.

"HAKU" stands for "white" in Japanese. It is an extension of Japanese white rice (Hakumai) and pure white (Junpaku). It symbolizes the use of 100% Japanese domestic white rice as raw materials, the exquisite brewing technology of spirits craftsmen, and the focus on The details of the manufacturing process blend out the top Japanese vodka that is clear, smooth and full of elegant and delicate rice aroma. In order to retain the mild and delicate sweetness of Japanese white rice, the key lies in the process of milling and polishing. The purpose is to remove the protein and fat from the outer layer of the rice grains, leaving only the pure starch in the center, avoiding excessive bitterness, and using rice koji. (Koji Rice) The starch is saccharified to ferment alcohol.

White (HAKU) vodka is unique in that there are three distillation processes. The pot-type distiller is used to distill the rice wine with low alcohol concentration. The second distillation uses the pot-type and continuous-type distiller to distill the rich and delicate taste. The final process was carried out at Suntory's Liquor Atelier in Osaka. After several attempts, the craftsman finally selected the "Japanese bamboo charcoal" made from bamboo, a unique Japanese plant, to filter the liquor and blend it to add smoothness and smoothness to the delicate flavor of the Japanese white rice. Taste. The Japanese craftsmanship's extreme attention to detail is also displayed on the bottle. The white (HAKU) bottle is presented in a water-like curve, representing the changes in the four seasons in Japan; the bottle label is printed on the traditional and elegant pure white with ink and Chinese calligraphy "白" On the Japanese paper, it represents the soul of this top vodka, "Japanese domestic white rice."