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根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類。Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

2019 Penfolds Bin 8, 750ml

2019 Penfolds Bin 8, 750ml
2019 Penfolds Bin 8, 750ml
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Penfold Winery with over 160 years history. The founder Dr. Christopher Rawson Penfold immigrated from London, England to Adelaide, Australia in 1845. He collected some vine branches from the south of France and planted the first batch of grapes near the cottage. Name with his wife's residence name in UK, The Grange. Originally only for brewing wine for pharmaceutical use, but did not expect to embark on the road of Australian wine king.

The 2017 Grange has been highly praised by many authoritative wine critics around the world since its launch. These include 98 points awarded by Huon Hooke, 98 points awarded by Tony Love and 98 points awarded by Tyson Stelzer, which can be said to show the high quality and cellaring strength of the 2017 Grange in advance, which is expected to be comparable to the 1951 first year Grange which broke the auction price. Extraordinary charm.

Penfold's winemaking philosophy is to use sufficient grape resources to make a variety of styles of wines. In addition to The Grange, other wines are also popular.


2019 Bin 8 Shiraz Cabernet 

has been crafted in the traditional Penfolds style. Ripe, balanced fruit flavours are supported by softly integrated oak resulting in an impressive, smooth red wine. It was introduced in response to a heightened interest in shiraz and cabernet blends – a classic Australian wine style that caught the attention of the international wine media. Although Bin numbers were originally named after the original Bin location after bottling, Bin 8 was given its number because it uses older oak previously used for Bin 128, Bin 28 and Bin 389 – with ‘8’ obviously providing the common thread.

Nose : An initial flourish/plume of pepper and peppermint, giving way to intriguing tarragon / oregano herbal notes.

Aromatically laminated: below - malt (Ovaltine)and boot polish; above - pastille and sugared fruits / jube / black jelly bean. Oak sits comfortably … barely detected, respectful.

Palate : Fresh and lively. Complete, full, balanced… good weight and length. Earthy / mushroom complexities remain comfortable in the wake of a thrust of dark chocolate, mocha.

Gripping red fruits augment an appealing tannin/acidity attaque.