Domaine Belleville Rully 1er Cru "La Fosse" Blanc 2020, Burgundy 750ml

Domaine Belleville Rully 1er Cru "La Fosse" Blanc 2020, Burgundy 750ml

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Domaine Belleville winery was born in the area next to Rully. From the start of the Cote de Nuits, Gevrey Chambertin goes south to Mercurey. It is the famous Burgundy master - Clive Coats MW in his book Wines of Burgundy, it is ranked No. 1 in the leading representative village of Rully Village.

The winery grows grapes in the form of plots according to "one climate, one wine", and develops organic farming with different crops and practices according to the climatic region. During year-round cultivation, each plot can receive individualized attention based on the actual conditions of the crop, allowing the climate and terroir characteristics to be perfectly reflected in the wine.


The relief of this Climat lies behind the name "La Fosse", which means a ditch. It is a natural hollow, which is the source of the river Thalie.

Terroir: Clay-limestone in the middle of the slope with a spring Work: Longer pruning and severe debudding to control vigour Age: 30 years

Domaine Belleville Rully 1er Cru "La Fosse" Blanc 2020 - Gold with tints of grey. On the nose, open and pleasant aromas of fresh fruits backed by mineral substances. On the palate, frank attack, good balance between acidity and mellowness, round, clean and long lasting.

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