Cockburns Tawny Eyes Port, 750ml

Cockburns Tawny Eyes Port, 750ml

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The pride of every port producer, a great tawny that turns heads and fills glasses is usually appreciated with great solemnity. But we were never ones to bottle things up. We wanted to make a wine that can be the life and soul of the party. This is Tawny Eyes: make it yours, drink it how you want, and don’t be afraid to mix it up. 

Tasting Note : 
A lively and fine-textured port with generous aromas of honey, caramel and hint of vanilla. Subtle flavours of red fruit and walnuts make this an elegant wine with plenty to give.
Mixing : 
Boasting complex fruit flavours and a lovely smooth finish with notes of honey, caramel and vanilla, Tawny Eyes lends itself to experimentation. Loaded with character, we’ve chosen the Tawny & Ginger as our go-to, but don’t just embrace the unexpected, make it.

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