Bottega Petalo Manzoni Moscato Rose, 750ml

Bottega Petalo Manzoni Moscato Rose, 750ml

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In 1977, Aldo Bottega, who has more than 30 years of experience in distilling wine, established the Bottega Distillery about 45 kilometers north of Venice. It is one of the most famous Grappa wineries in Italy. There are quite a few brands under this winery, no matter which series it is, they are all based on beauty and delicacy, verifying the national characteristics of Italy full of fashion and style.

The most famous brand of the winery, including the Alexander Grappa series launched in 1987, mainly aimed at young people and women who pay attention to taste. At the same time, it also used hand-blown glass wine bottles for the first time, which further enhanced the value and status of Grappa.

There is also the Bottega series of the same name, and another Prosecco sparkling wine specially designed for parties and trends launched in 1992. The modest price and the dazzling and textured wine label easily capture everyone's attention.


Bottega Petalo Manzoni Moscato Rose's design is fashionable and flattering with a rose gold-colored bottle made of three-layer electroplating. Harmonious with floral and fruity aromas, it goes well with fish dishes.

Color: Clear gold with pink peach

Aroma: Full of flowers and a variety of berry aromas. Such as: blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, and blackcurrant fruity.

Palate : Soft and refreshing, elegant and delicate bubbles spread in the mouth, the acidity and sweetness are suitable and obvious, the tannins are fine and the finish is long and quite balanced.

Ripening and aging: After manual harvesting, it is fermented at a controlled temperature of 18°C, then macerated at 5°C and fermented by juicing for at least 24 hours, and matured under high pressure at 16/18°C for at least 40 days. Then enter the secondary fermentation, the temperature is controlled at 14 ° C, the selected yeast is added, and the large tank fermentation method is adopted for at least 90 days.

Pairing dishes: Pair it with any dish, especially vegetables, fish or cheese, or as an after-dinner drink.


The Grand International Wine Awards - Germany 2020 (87 pts.)
Korea Wine Challenge - Korea 2019 (Silver Medal)
DWWA Decanter World Wine Awards - UK 2019 (Bronze Medal)
The Asian Rosé Masters - HK 2018 (Bronze Medal)
Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards - Japan 2018 (Gold Medal)
James - US 2018 (88 pts.)

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