Hennessy X.O. 2022 Limited Holiday Edition with Ice Stamp 700ml

Hennessy X.O. 2022 Limited Holiday Edition with Ice Stamp 700ml

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For the 2022 holidays, the Hennessy XO Limited Edition 2022 comes in a bold and colorful style ideal for gift giving. The limited edition combines traditional motifs with modern aesthetics. The copper-colored metal body and carafe feature an ice stamp. Prepare to be taken on an epic journey exploring each and every one of your senses, with the Hennessy XO Extra Old Cognac. The origins of the age denotation ‘Extra Old’ in fact date back to the Hennessy maison, when Master Blender Maurice coined this English term in 1870 in accordance with its strong connection to foreign countries, such as the US and Great Britain. Each of the eaux-de-vie contained within this fine tapestry of spirits are between 10 and 70 years old, and there are more than one hundred of them contained in this fine blend of Hennessy XO. The average age is around 45 years old, making it an exceptionally fine-tuned selection that is bound to be one of your fondest tasting memories for the rest of your life.

It comes as no surprise that such a rare and magnificent piece comes from the house of Hennessy. A truly modern brand, that has no end to its innovation, there is always something special on offer with each creation. Dating back to 1765, the Hennessy house knows exactly how to adapt to craft timeless Cognac’s, with a rare edge. Showcasing that brilliantly, this piece is a beautiful representation of all the Hennessy house has to offer.

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